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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Odds and Ends

Just back from one week of vacation and there are so many things to catch up on - so here are some really quick odds and ends.
1. The Canadian Olympic team ended up doing quite well finishing with 24 medals (one off the prediction of 25 but most pundits would have given the Canadian men's hockey team at least some sort of a medal) and in third place overall - would be pretty neat for little Canada to actually win the Olympics when they are held in Vancouver/Whistler in four year's time.
2. My thanks to Michael Fitzgibbon and Diane Levin for their kind welcomes to me last week to the world of the blogosphere. Michael's blog can be found here and Diane's blog can be found here. They are both well worth a visit!
3. I will be preparing and posting Mediation Tip #2 soon. I have already had someone come to a mediation and note that he read Tip #1 before coming to the mediation. It is my hope that these tips will help to demystify the whole process for people and make the entire mediation experience more positive.
4. I note with sadness the passing of Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett. As a person whose passion for watching baseball started with the inclusion of the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League in 1977, Kirby Puckett is the first Hall of Famer whose career I was able to enjoy from beginning to end to die (as best as I can recall). He was one of those players who if you saw him play - you will never forget him - short and barrel-chested - he did not look like a ballplayer but he could run like the wind and hit very well and he did it all with the smile on his face that is far too rare. You could tell that he really enjoyed what he was doing and the fact that he was making a lot of money playing a child's game. It seems that after his early retirement from baseball for health reasons that things did not go so well for Kirby - but I will remember him not as one of the best ballplayers I ever saw play but as one of the most entertaining. There is a nice and balanced obituary at one of my favourite websites - - click here
That's it for now - thanks for all the positive feedback!


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