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Saturday, June 24, 2006

OK - This is weird!

I can read the Globe and Mail for days or weeks and not read about anyone I personally know. I can read it for months and not see a picture of anyone I know. Well - today for some reason the paper is full of people I know.

First I read Christie Blatchford's column. I am not a loyal rader of her column but I do read it from time to time. Christie is a very good friend of a very good friend of mine. I have never met her. Today, she is writing about Sharon Shore. I first learned of this story from Shore's lawyer, Frank Gomberg - who is a personal friend of mine. I know almost all of the people mentioned in the column and some that are only referred to such as the "head of the Law Society's investigations department". I thought to myself as I read the article that this is really weird that I know everyone mentioned in here but it was just one story...

Next I am reading the Focus section. It is all about Boomers. As I do not consider myself one, I am not that interested. I am leafing through and I come across a series of photos and one of them looks very familiar. Michael Redhill is an author. He is also the father of two sons. Both of his sons are in classes with my children. He, like me, does not consider himself a Boomer. He is the person who was chosen to represent the 40 year olds in "talkin' 'bout their generation". Okay, now I am up to two articles and Michael has three pictures of himself in their looking "tres cool".

Turning to the business section, I must say that I was almost not surprised to see a full width photo of Tim Gleason in his sandals and shorts. I should have been surprised because a. you do not usually see people in sandals and shorts in the business section and b. you do not usually see union-side labour lawyers in the business section. But there he is! He was interviewed about his client's victory in defeating a dress code in an editorial department of a newspaper.

That's it - three articles. Not sure that Michael Redhill was right when he was quoted as saying, "I perceive those who are 15 or 20 years older than me as the ones who are in charge of the reins right now."

I will see how long it is until I next read about someone I know personally.

Enjoy the weekend!


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