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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Viva Europa!

We are down to four teams at the FIFA World Cup and not only are they all European teams but they are all Western European teams - Italy, Germany, Portugal and France. In fact, only Portugal messed this up from being an all G-8 semi-final when they defeated England on penalties.
At this point, all of my sentimental favorites are out. I am probably rooting for France at this point, but I expect Germany to win it all on home soil.
While we are at it - let me add my voice to the debates about how to improve soccer:
1. Eliminate penalty kicks as a means to determine a winner. Let the players play until it is decided.
2. Have a meaningful time clock. Two fourty-five minutes half. When the ball goes out of play, stop the clock - that way we would all know how much is left in the half/game!
3. The referees have far too much influence on the outcome of the game -a foul can lead to a free kick, a yellow card or expulsion from the game - they need to have a more gradual and progressive discipline system ( I knew labour law would sneak in here somewhere) so that one infraction subjectively determined has a less dramatic outcome on the game.
I am by no means a soccer expert so take all of this with the proverbial "grain of salt"


  • Vive la France!!

    re penalty kicks: agreed, but how did England miss 3???

    re stoppage time: nonononono! the great thing about football is that the clock doesn't stop - these are true athletes!

    re the referees: you can never get the subjectivity out of the game, although i agree it is absurd that Rooney got a red card for tapping CR, while Figo got off with nothing for that head butt of Van Bommell.\

    My Prediction: France 2-0

    By Anonymous tim Gleason, at 7:11 p.m.  

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