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Friday, December 08, 2006

TFK, Holiday parties and Wii

Been gone for awhile. I have been avoiding typing because of an ongoing soreness in my right arm - caused by typing but last night I was at TFK and a number of people complained that I have not been blogging so I have decided this morning - to put it in a sports cliche - to suck it up and to get back into the game.
What is TFK you might ask? It stands for Thirst for Knowledge. It is a group of employment lawyers who get together throughout the year and there is one big party every year in December. Organized and originally conceived (I believe) by Norm Grosman, David Harris and Randy Echlin (as he then was - now Mr. Justice Echlin) and now in its fifth year, it is the party of the year in the employment bar community. Given a very early start to my day yesterday and a lot of ther things going on, I only stayed for the cocktail party but it was great fun to see so many of the people I work with day in and day out in one place. I hear the party closed very late at the King Eddy!
Tonight is another annual holiday party. I do not want to sound like the Grinch here but I wish these things were spread out during the year. Why should we have to balance food, a little delicious little morsel and great conversation just in December? Further, my waistline would appreciate these events being a little more spread out - tonight will be my third this week!
And what about Wii? Well, this is just a desperate attempt by a desperate father to see if anyone out there has an inside track on the Wii. Let me know!


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